Streamline and scale 30,60,90 day onboarding without drowning in manual work

Put email & slack communications on autopilot

Connect Email and Slack accounts so messages are sent to the right person at the right time

Use tokens to scale personalization

Personalizing messages doesn't have to take hours and juggling between spreadsheets. Tokens make it really easy.

Automate meeting scheduling

Co-ordinating schedules and sending invites can be a headache. We'll take care of sending invites whether it be orientation, team events or fun lunches

Learn more about how Squadsy can help with pre-boarding


Auto create tasks on the task management systems

No more duplicating 10+ Asana, JIRA or Trello tickets everytime a new hire joins your team. We take care of creating and assigning tasks to the right person

Create role-specific onboarding experiences

Collaborate with managers to create journeys that are specific to sales, marketing, product, design, engineering and any other team

Frequently asked questions

Can I create 30, 60, 90 day onboarding experiences?

Yes, Squadsy Journeys can be used to create onboarding experiences that can 90 days or even longer depending on your requirements

How can I collaborate with hiring managers during onboarding?

Your team can send hiring managers the right messages via E-mail/Slack, assign tasks on task management platforms like Asana, JIRA or Trello

How can I create a buddy program in Squadsy?

Using Squadsy Journeys, your team can pair up new employees with their buddy and communicate the right messages via Slack/E-mail to train your buddies

Can I create role-specific onboarding experiences?

Yes. Using Squadsy Journeys, your team managers can create their own department/role specific journeys ( product, design, sales, marketing etc)

What kind of analytics does Squadsy share?

We help you team understand which communications have the most engagement. Further, we proactively alert your team when a specific employee has low engagement during the onboarding experience