Scaling pre-boarding is no longer a challenge- We got you covered!

Start pre-boarding right after the offer letter is signed

No more waiting to start pre-boarding 2 days before start date. Get a proactive start and keep candidates engaged

Scale pre-boarding across varying notice periods

We know notice periods can be different for employees across the various countries. We help you easily scale pre-boarding without any manual work.

We take care of timezone calculations

We know how annoying it is to calculate time differences when sending emails. So if you're looking to send an email at the same time across every timezone, we've got you covered.

Manage tasks even when accounts aren't provisioned yet

Assigning tasks to new hires during pre-boarding can be a challenge when no accounts are provisioned yet. Squadsy takes care of creating and assigning tasks when without any account provisioning.

Proactively identify new hires more likely to turnover before day 1

Long notice periods have the challenge of disengagement and can result in turnover. As a result, the entire recruitment process has to be repeated again and there's a loss of productivity. Leveraging engagement data, we proactively let your team identify disengaged employees.