Segment and personalize internal communications for key moments

Create segments to tailor internal communications

Leverage Flexible Conditions based on various factors such as team, department, location, tenure, title to launch internal communication programs

Support new managers as they blossom into leadership

Being a first time manager can feel overwhelming. Leverage our new manager development program templates or create your own to support employees as they embark on this new journey.

Connect your inbox and Slack

Humanize your messaging while also ensuring scalability by connecting your Slack and Email so communications are sent on your behalf...all without any manual work.

Learn more about how Squadsy can help with pre-boarding


Measure engagement on all your internal communications

Wondering how many people opened the company wide announcement from last week? Get a deep understanding on what content actually resonates with your employees by measuring engagement.

Celebrate holidays and special events planning your HR calendar

Labor day? Christmas? Women's day? Diwali? Our templates help your team celebrate special moments and occasions across your diverse workforce.

Frequently asked questions

What internal communication tools does Squadsy connect with?

Squadsy connects with your Outlook/Gmail E-mail inbox and Slack instance to send messages on you or team member's behalf

How does Squadsy help with segmentation?

Squadsy can help your team segment your communications and reach the right audience. Your team can create segments by creating rules based on data imported from HRIS (eg: Send E-mail to "Managers" in the "Sales Team" in "USA")

How can Squadsy help our team personalize comms and reduce manual work?

Using Squadsy Tokens, your team can automate lot of the manual work when it comes to filling in personalized details. Tokens are imported from HRIS employee data and are automatically filled (eg: {{first_name}}, {{manager_name}}, {{start_date}}, {{buddy_name}})

What internal comms can be automated using Squadsy?

Using Squadsy, your team can automate messages during a variety of scenarios like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, company-wide announcements, special milestones etc.

What kind of analytics does Squadsy share?

Through analytics and reports, we help your team understand which internal communication messages have the most engagement