How to Choose the Right Employee Onboarding Software to Boost New Hire Experience and Engagement

Squadsy Team
June 23, 2023

How to Choose the Right Employee Onboarding Software to Boost New Hire Experience and Engagement

Choose the right Employee Onboarding Software in 2023 to automate, streamline, personalize, scale and manage the onboarding process for your organization.

Every HR professional knows the pain of a rocky onboarding process. You've worked tirelessly to source and hire the perfect candidates, only to see them stumble at the first hurdle. The confusion on their faces as they grapple with disjointed training materials, the frustration as they attempt to navigate complex HR systems, the constant back-and-forth emails for simple queries - sound familiar? 

The significance of a seamless, well-structured onboarding process can't be overstated. It sets the tone for an employee's journey, playing a pivotal role in engagement, retention, and productivity. Yet many companies are still wrangling with outdated methods that leave new hires and HR teams alike exhausted and exasperated. 

The solution? Choosing the right employee onboarding software for your organization.

But with a market teeming with solutions, how do you make the right choice?

This blog post is your compass. We will guide you through the essential features to consider and how Squadsy, an industry-leading onboarding software, can revolutionize your onboarding experience. Let's delve in.

How to Choose the Right Employee Onboarding Software in 2023

Choosing the right onboarding software is not just about ticking boxes. It's about understanding your organization's needs and aligning them with the features that will most effectively meet those needs. Here's how you can break down your decision-making process.

User-friendly Interface 

In the whirlwind of stepping into a new job, the last thing a new hire needs is a confusing software interface. From the HR professional's perspective, managing multiple onboardings while grappling with a complex system can mean lost hours, rising stress levels, and potential errors. A user-friendly interface that's intuitive, clean, and easy to navigate is essential. It streamlines the onboarding process and makes life easier for everyone involved.

You don't want your new hires or HR team to spend valuable time deciphering how to use the system. Instead, they should be able to quickly find the information they need and focus their energies on the actual onboarding process. This includes easy access to training modules, policy documents, and any other essential onboarding materials.

Integration with Other HR Systems 

An isolated onboarding software is like an island – disconnected and less effective. The software you choose needs to be able to seamlessly integrate with other HR systems like payroll, benefits, and performance management platforms.

A well-integrated system removes the need for duplicating data entry, reducing the likelihood of errors and saving considerable time. Furthermore, it provides a more streamlined experience for new hires, as they can access all their necessary information and resources from one place. When your systems talk to each other, everyone benefits.

Variety of Training Modules 

The days of one-size-fits-all training are long gone. People learn differently, at different paces, and have different skill sets. Recognizing this diversity is key to creating a successful onboarding experience.

Software that offers a variety of customizable training modules enables you to provide a more personalized onboarding experience. Whether it's interactive videos, written materials, quizzes, or a mix of these, being able to choose and customize training modules allows you to cater to individual learning styles. This not only enhances the learning experience but also encourages engagement, as the new hires can learn in a way that suits them best.

Track New Hire Progress 

Feedback loops are critical in any learning environment, and onboarding is no exception. The ability to track a new hire's progress through the onboarding process allows HR teams to offer timely and targeted feedback, increasing the efficacy of the training.

Your software should offer analytics capabilities, providing insights into each new hire's progress. This feature allows you to see where they might be struggling or excelling, and you can adjust their training accordingly. It's about ensuring no one is left behind and that the onboarding process is as beneficial as possible for every new hire.

Cost Factors 

The cost of onboarding software should not just be viewed as an expense, but as an investment. Cheaper isn't always better, and the most expensive software isn't necessarily the best fit for your organization.

It's important to look beyond the price tag and understand what value the software brings to your organization. Does it offer all the features you need? Will it grow with your company, or will you quickly outgrow its capabilities? Do the benefits it provides – time saved, increased engagement, reduced error rates – outweigh its cost? These are all questions you should be asking.

Remember, a short-term saving might result in long-term costs. Balancing upfront costs with long-term value is key when considering cost factors.

Getting Started With Your New Employee Onboarding Software

Embarking on the employee onboarding journey with a new onboarding software doesn't end with making the right choice. It is crucial to implement it and have effectively equal employee onboarding programs to reap its benefit. 

The first step is to set up your software correctly, aligning it with your organization's unique needs and existing systems. This might include customizing training modules, integrating it with other HR systems, and setting up progress tracking parameters.

Next, it's time to bring your team on board. Arrange training sessions for existing staff, especially those directly involved in the onboarding process, like HR professionals and team leaders. Ensure they're comfortable with the software and can use it efficiently. Remember, an onboarding software can only be as effective as the people who wield it.

Lastly, implement a feedback loop. As new hires go through the onboarding process, gather their feedback on their experience with the software. This helps identify any gaps or areas for improvement. Moreover, it shows your new hires that their input is valued, fostering a culture of open communication from the get-go.

Getting started with your onboarding software isn't a one-time event but a cycle of implementation, training, feedback, and improvement.

How Squadsy Can Help HR Professionals as an Employee Onboarding Software

In today's digitally driven workplace, HR teams need tools that can streamline and enhance their onboarding processes. Enter Squadsy - an Employee Onboarding and Experience Platform designed to eliminate manual work and create personalized onboarding journeys for each new hire. 

Personalized Onboarding Journeys

Squadsy's key feature, Employee Journeys, empowers HR teams to create customized, role-specific onboarding experiences. Using 'Rules' and 'Actions', HR teams can automate tasks like sending personalized emails, Slack messages, and creating tickets in task management systems like Asana, Trello, and Jira.

Pre onboarding and on boarding journey

Additionally, Squadsy's seamless timezone handling and its integration capabilities ensure smooth communication and engagement between HR, new hires, or other stakeholders like the IT team or onboarding buddy. 

Through Journeys, HR teams can foster stronger bonds and connections within the organization, thereby improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Analytics Dashboard

Data drives decision-making, and Squadsy's Analytics Dashboard provides HR teams with a pulse of their onboarding operations. By tracking metrics like page visits, task completion, and meeting attendance, Squadsy gives you a clear view of your internal communications and onboarding efficiency.

Analytics Dashboard

Even better, Squadsy's custom algorithm calculates an engagement score based on messaging engagement and task completion. With a visual onboarding chart representing each employee's journey and engagement, HR teams can proactively address any issues, leading to an improved onboarding experience.

Moments That Matter

Human connections matter in any organization, and Squadsy's Moments That Matter feature offers HR teams a unique way to celebrate and recognize employees during key milestones. It collects videos, texts, GIFs, and images, creating virtual greeting cards that can be used to welcome newcomers, acknowledge promotions, or celebrate retirements. This feature fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the organization, helping to build a positive company culture.

Streamlining Processes

Squadsy is not just about onboarding; it also extends its efficiency to pre-boarding and offboarding processes. The platform's adaptability means it can create personalized and scalable journeys for employees, irrespective of their role or location. This reduces manual work for HR teams and promotes a process that fosters bonding within the organization.

Extensive Integrations

Compatibility with existing systems is a crucial aspect of any onboarding software, and Squadsy shines in this regard. The platform integrates with a wide range of communication, HRIS, ATS, and task management tools, including Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Keka HR, Bamboo HR, Workday, Asana, Trello, and Jira. These integrations further streamline the onboarding process, making Squadsy a comprehensive solution for HR teams.

We connect with all your tools

The platform's capabilities extend from pre-boarding to offboarding, ensuring a seamless experience throughout an employee's journey. By fostering stronger connections, improving engagement, and reducing manual work, Squadsy transforms the onboarding process, making it a win-win solution for both HR teams and new hires.

Connect with our team to see for yourself how Squadsy can revolutionize your organizations onboarding process and boost new hire experience

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